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Costa Del Paradise and the Owners are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of this Luxury Mobile Home Park in Spain in May this Year. After long discussions the new Residential Mobile Home Park name has been recently released and we are pleased to present Park La Sierracilla.

You will find this Outstanding Park on our Website under the name of Anterquera Country Club. Also it will give you samples of Mobile Homes for sale on this Park.

Why give it this Fancy name one may ask:  Initially the park had no name and we felt that firstly when customers  are looking for Residential Style Parks it would help give a Location to where the Park is,  Secondly you only have to step foot onto thisMobile Home Park to get a feel for why we named it Antequera Country Club. Breathtaking countryside views, an exquisite Clubhouse and a magnificent restaurant.with plots already waiting for you to choose your mobile home. 

We feel this Park required this grand name and to give it the credit its due!                                                                                    


We are so proud of this Residential Mobile Home Park that the owners and ourselves are inviting you to come and see for yourself how magnificent this Park really is. We are offering you a FREE 2night stay in one of the fully equipped Small cottages. The 2 night stay will let you experience first hand this truly idyllic countryside setting, let you discuss with us different mobile homes for sale which would suit you and your budget best, Visit the surrounding areas, use the onsite facilities and of course enjoy the Sun. In no way will this trip be pressurised but we may ask you to join us for a glass of Sangria!

We have weekends available, if you cannot make these dates please call us and we can certainly arrange something to suit you. 

Please note flights are not included in this offer.


Join us to experiance the Mobile home lifestyle


The owners of this Mobile Home Park are a very reputable family who already own one of the Best and most outstanding Parks on the Costa del Sol, they have very high standards and most importantly keep the residents happy first and foremost.  We would not be working closely with them if we had not seen for ourselves the care, attention and hard work they put into their Park.

They have listened to their Customers needs and wants who already live in a mobile spain, and taken into consideration the people who already live in the area of Antequera to see how they could make this truly a vibrant Park.

This park is fully licensed to incorporate Mobile Homes and a separate area for a small percentage of Motor homes. Having a licence that allows both not only allows you to rent out your home but also brings brand new life, vigour and energy to a residential style park.

This licence is fantastic especially in this present economic climate as many Residential style parks in that area do not allow you to rent your Mobile home out, and many who are  trying to sell or want to just use their Mobile home as a holiday retreat find the ground rents hard to keep up to.

If you want to rent your Mobile home out Costa del Paradise can put you in touch with a very reputable company who we have used ourselves to rent our own home out. We were very sceptical when we took this step, but through years of renting our Mobile home out for a few months of the year we have covered our annual rent. Due to its location and offering of lifestyle this park will only attract people who appreciate the country walks, the serene views with nearby cafes and Pubs. If you are looking for a HI DI HI environment we strongly recommend you look at the Benidorm Area

 Due to the high standard of the Park and regular visitors via the motor home section this park will drive continual interest and desire for people wanting to buy a Mobile home, therefore this has to be considered as an investment, giving you piece of mind that if you ever had to sell your home you would have people queuing at the gates.



This park has already been developed and built to a very high standard therefore you are not asked to look at a lump of land and told to have some vision.

If your idea of living in Luxury at an affordable price then Costa Del Paradise has homes starting from £28,000. Not only that, but the Ground rent is the cheapest in the Antequera region.

If you are looking for a Park that has life and Vigour, which is not just a retirement Park you have found it with Park La Sierracilla.


For those of you who are watching the development of this park closely you will see real pictures of this park on our website under Antequera County Club. These are a true account of what you will find when you get there. Can we reiterate again from our previous update that the first customers we showed this park to loved it so much they reserved a plot near the pool and their home will be delivered  the 2nd week in April. We would like to welcome them to this fantastic park and look forward to joining them in their first “Decking Party”.


Please join us for a relaxed 2 day trip and see this brand new exciting development for yourself. We look forward to seeing you there.

The Costa Del Paradise Team




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