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Putting the record straight regarding Park Camp Sites


It has become apparent that Parks that allow static Mobile Homes,tourers and holiday makers on the Park sites are getting continual bad press and when it is generally being dished out by this one company only, it has to make you wonder why these Parks are being slated, especially as we have a Mobile Home on one, along with hundreds of other residents that have been appreciating the benefits of this style of Park. 


It is apparent that due to the continual bad press they give these Park Camp Sites, that this particular Company are not allowed to sell on these fantastic Parks hence the continual slating they publish.


We are NOT in this business to DICTATE TO YOU what you would like!  We do not tell you what you want or what you would prefer.  WE SIMPLY OFFER YOU CHOICE!


Residential Style Park:

Great, if you want to retire out in Spain with peace and tranquillity, with children only allowed to visit.

Great, if you have sold up in England and your Mobile Home in Spain is your only residence.  (I.E. not paying for two mortgages + other costs of living).

Great, if you do not want to be able to rent your home out to recoup any rental costs.


Why Park Camp Sites?

There are many people who are looking to move to Spain as a family and struggle to afford villas or apartments, who also do not want the seclusion of apartment complexes, or they simply want to live the Park Lifestyle also. 


The idea of cheaper living on Residential Style Parks is attracting the younger couples as well as retired people and why should they be penalised for their age or the fact that they have children?


It’s not that these Park Camp sites are over run with children but they definitely have a livelier atmosphere (not rowdy) than some Residential Style Parks.  There are Park rules just like any Residential Style Park and all noise has to be taken indoors at 12.00pm.  There are security guards that are onsite all night to make sure these rules are adhered to. 


The other MAJOR factor that has increased customers interest in these Park Camp Sites is the opportunity to be able to rent their home out.


 It is blatantly obvious just how many mobile homes are up for sale in Spain, and it is great for all who wish to go out and take advantage of the current situation and get a BARGAIN, you do have to remember that these people have no option but to sell up and move back to England. 


We have spoken to many couples who are stuck and they would have loved to have been able to rent their homes out to recoup some costs.  But alas they are not able to do so.


These Park Camp sites have special licences to allow mobile homes, tourers and holiday makers and in this respect are able to offer the Park Lifestyle with the option of renting your home out and making some money.  Why not?  This is an excellent option for people who want to keep their place in England and use this renting option to help cover their ground rent.


You know the phrase you cannot please everybody!  Well it’s true!  But we like to be able to offer our customers a full and comprehensive list of choices!


If you want a Park that does not allow children then, WE AT COSTA DEL PARADISE CAN HELP YOU. 


If you have children and you would also like to have a mobile home in Spain, WE AT COSTA DEL PARADISE CAN HELP YOU.


 If you just want a Holiday Home and be able to rent your home out to recoup costs, WE AT COSTA DEL PARADISE CAN HELP YOU. 


If you are looking for a Residential Style Park with a bit more vitality, WE AT COSTA DEL PARADISE CAN HELP YOU.


It is extremely unfortunate that the image portrayed by a company with such egotistical views may have even put people off considering or just having a look at some of these Park Camp sites.


 I am sure it would surprise many people just how clean, well kept and amazing the onsite facilities are!  This particular company are obviously happy to limit their range of options to potential customers. 

We however are keen to bring the 20th Century into Spain and the Park Owners are fully appreciating a fresh new approach to the Park Camp Site lifestyle through Costa Del Paradise. OUR CONTINUAL SUCCESS WITH SALES IS PROVING THAT OUR VIEWS ARE RIGHT. 


Our customers are completely satisfied with our portfolio of both Residential Style Parks and Park Camp Site Parks as we have been able to give them freedom of choice in every aspect of living their dreams in Spain- living in Paradise





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