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Once you reach this stage of life it is time to reflect on the past and then think of what lies ahead.
After years of hard work and worries, surely now is the time to make it YOUR time. To fulfil your dreams and live in paradise- we can help you with this aspiration.

We have superb CHEAP MOBILE HOMES and PARK HOMES  in SPAIN sited on fantastic Residential Mobile Home Parks.

The UK is without a doubt one of the most expensive countries in which to live. Therefore, unless you are one of the lucky few, trying to live on a pension proves to be very difficult. Sources of enjoyment can be prohibitive, costwise and even trying to keep warm in winter can be a challenge.
With the boom in property prices in the UK, people are paper rich but cash poor.

It is with the increase in property prices, that if you are a homeowner you may be sat on a fortune and the opportunities are endless so here is a great opportunity, you can unlock the value in your home in a couple of ways.

1) By selling your property- this obviously releases your cash and then you can decide whether you have a small home in the UK and one abroad or one abroad with plenty of residue cash.

2) By equity release – please contact us
It is strongly advised that you consider the above options carefully as different people may favour one option over the other, for different reasons. releasing your locked up cash in your property you become cash rich and probably, for the first time in your life, you are totally in control and free.

It is apparent that in the UK, pensioners come at the bottom of the list as far as the government is concerned. If you feel annoyed, frustrated and justifiably annoyed that you are being taken advantage of, then why not take action, say enough is enough. Come and live the life in Spain in a Static Mobile Home or Park Home- thousands do each year!!!


You may well be wondering if you will be able to have your UK pension when you are in Spain- well briefly the answer is – YES, but we have provided two official UK Government links below for your attention:




Before moving to Spain you should obtain the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Application forms are available either at the Post Office, or at the UK Department of Health Website.
A EHIC will cover you for emergency healthcare treatment in Spain. It is really for tourists, but will ensure that you do not end up having to pay for treatment during your first few months in Spain. It will not cover you for most types of non-urgent treatment such as for ongoing conditions..
If you are planning to retire to Spain then you will be entitled to 2 years worth of healthcare, but see THE DEPARTMENT FOR WORKS AND PENSIONS for details. With the forms you get from the DWP you still need to get registered at the offices of the Spanish SEGURIDAD SOCIAL. This process can take some time.
There are many private healthcare schemes in Spain, but please check out exactly what is covered.
The Spanish Health-care system is very good. Most hospitals are modern and well equipped and the doctors are excellent. The Spanish nurses are well trained and efficient but do not always carry out personal care and feeding, as this sometimes falls on the family to do. However all hospitals allow one companion to be with the patient 24 hours a day.
Dental treatment in Spain is entirely private.




Many medicines that are prescription only in the UK are available over the counter in chemist’s shops in Spain. If you are registered for free healthcare under Spanish social security, you can get medicines you need on prescription for a 60% discount, or for nothing if you are a pensioner.
The chemists usually open from 9.30 am – 2pm and from 5.0 – 9.30pm Mondays to Fridays and 9.30am-2.0pm on Saturdays.
In every town and village there is a 24 hour pharmacy or contact number.
Listed below is a link to a Brit who lives in Spain and has some of his own experiences.



You will be dealing with Euros instead of pounds, but do not worry, one soon becomes used to it. The Spanish banks are simple to use and will accept credit/debit cards at their ATM’s. There are British banks like Barclays and Halifax etc to be found in some places but the Spanish banks are very helpful.



Many people in Spain manage without learning the language but you would experience a good inner feeling if you could speak some Spanish, being able to interact and integrate with the local Spanish population. There are many opportunities to grasp the language including classes or courses and it does not take long just to pick up the basics.



You can take your car to Spain from the UK, as long as you have owned it for at least six months prior to moving. You cannot sell, rent out or transfer a car that has been imported tax-free and duty-free for 12 months once in Spain.
You must hand in the British registration documents to the DVLA and obtain a certificate of Permanent Export. The DVLA can advise you on this relatively simple process.
You will need a standardisation certificate (ficha reducida) which can be obtained from any licensed Spanish engineer.
The following taxes must be paid:

1) VAT(IVA) at 16% on a tax free car (on which VAT hasn’t yet been paid) imported from the UK

2) Registration Tax (impuesto sobre circulacion de vehiculos) at 12% on the vehicle’s current value (based on the original market price in Spain). However, you do not need to pay this tax if you are to be a permanent resident in Spain and have imported a vehicle on which you have already paid the VAT. Non residents can bring their car from the UK to Spain without paying Spanish Taxes, but you can only drive the car in Spain for 6 months in any year- which is the duration non-residents can remain in the country. The car must be taxed in the country of registration. The paperwork for importing a car is far easier than it used to be, but many people still hire a gestor to sort it out for them.



Whether you import a car into the country, or buy a car in Spain, you need to register it at the local provincial traffic department (Jefatura de Trafico de Malaga, c?Mauricio Moro Pareto 13, tel. 952 357 200 open mon-fri 9am-2pm)
If you are a permanent resident in Spain, you must obtain Spanish Registration plates once you have imported the car. To do that, you will need:

1) Your residence card and photocopy
2) Current foreign driving licence and photocopy
3) Registration number of a Spanish registered vehicle
4) One passport photograph
5) 16.20 euros, payable at the traffic department.



You are permitted to drive with a British or EU licence in Spain for up to 6 months a year, as a non-resident. But you will need to take it to the local provincial traffic department to be stamped and registered.
If you intend to spend more than 6 months a year in Spain- and hence are a resident- you will need to obtain a Spanish licence, with form TASA2.3 from the local provincial traffic department.
You must under Spanish Law, carry your driving licence with you at all times.



All Spanish-registered vehicles must pay road tax.The amount is set by local municipalities and based on the power of the car. It can vary from 20-200 euros per year. Malaga is one of the cheapest provinces to tax your car. You must pay your road tax between March and May. Contact your local town hall to ask when to collect a payment form. You can pay in person at the Town Hall (though this usually involves long queues), or better, by post or direct debit.



Anyone who moves to Spain should apply for a NIE- a tax identification number- when they arrive. The relevant form can be obtained from the local Comisaria or Oficiana de Extranjeros (see list below)
The completed form and a photocopy, two passport photos and a letter from the Park owner where you are living, stating that you live there, should then be taken to the Oficiana de Extranjeros. They will give you a date when you can pick up your NIE.




If you plan on retiring to Spain and to live in a Static MOBILE HOME or PARK HOME you will need a Residence Card and you will need proof of a private health insurance scheme valid in Spain or the right to Spanish public health treatment.

EU Nationals need:

1) 3 passport photos
2) A valid passport and a photocopy
3) A completed application form 037 for EU citizens from your local foreigners office (Oficiana de Extranjeros).
The Malaga office is at PLAZA de MANUEL AZANA 3 (tel: 952 046 200)
The Fuengirola office is at Av. CONDE SAN ISIDRO (tel: 952 198 368)
The Marbella Office is at Av. ARIAS de VELASCO (tel: 952 762 647).





Running a home is much cheaper than in the UK
The British people are shocked at the lower cost of living
The main essentials of Food, Drink, Cigarettes, Heating & Clothing are cheaper in Spain. There is a very good selection of supermarkets, even supplying English items. The Spanish equivalent products can be just as good but cheaper. Fresh Fish, Fruit & Vegetables are superior and much cheaper. Meat prices are generally slightly cheaper and poultry is very cheap. Olive oil is a great healthy option to fry with and is relatively cheap.



Eating out can be very cheap.
All types of cuisine are catered for, especially in the tourist parts and cities.
Hygiene standards are generally good.
Beware of eating seafood from very quiet bars.
Be careful not to over indulge in the excellent inexpensive wines.
Do try the Spanish bars, most are very good.
Tapas is a small plate of snacks sold separately,very cheap.
Garlic is used in most Spanish dishes.
Eating out at night can easily last into the early ours of the morning, but don’t worry, you are not at work the following day.

After you have spent that period of relaxation and re-charged those depleted batteries you may then feel that you want to do a little more than sunbathing, playing golf on one of the numerous golf courses, sightseeing, walking etc.etc well there are numerous activities that you can embark on.
The areas can be like mini England in terms of expat club activities and can range from Bowls to Tennis, cards to lonely hearts, dancing to sailing clubs and the list goes on and on.

The free English newspapers printed weekly usually give a comprehensive list of clubs and their current activities. Listed below is just a selection :
Age Concern, Air Bourne, American Club Jazz Club,Andalucian Garden Club, Anglo Spanish Club, Scottish dancers Club, Ballroom & Latin American Dancers Club, Benalmadena Crib Club, Bridge Club, British Assoc.of Marbella, British Legion, Conservatives Abroad, Dining Club, Eagle Social Club, Flower Arranging Club, Friends of the Theatre, Good Companions, Int Labour Group, Super Bowl Club, Irish Assoc., Lions Club, Malaga Football supporters Club, Melody Makers, Jazz Appreciation Society, Runners/Walkers assoc., Fine Arts Soc., Polish Club, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Square Dance etc etc.



Due to the enormous size and geographical spread of Spain ranging from huge mountainous regions to desert and coastal resorts it is not surprising that there are large fluctuations in the weather. Within an hours journey one can leave the snow bound ski resorts outside Granada to be sun bathing on the beaches of the Costa del Sol.
As most of the UK expats tend to head to the warmer Southern regions it is here where we will concentrate our details.
Winters: Much warmer than the UK averaging around 16C daytime and 7C at night.- Inland areas can vary on these figures. All areas are subject to short but spectacular winter storms with heavy rainfall. The ground never stays boggy and soon dries up. Temperatures on the Costa del Sol regularly reach the mid twenties. Much of the plant & tree life remain in full bloom . Sun rises around 8am and sets around 6.30pm giving longer sunlight than in the UK.
Spring: The onset of Spring brings a warmer more settled spell, with temperatures averaging in the mid 20’s. Many expats say this is the very best time of year- not too hot or cold.
Summer: Come June the weather is very settled and becoming very hot. Mid summer temperatures can top 40c and still be in the high 20’s at night, although air conditioning overcomes this problem. It is advisable to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
Autumn: Very similar to Spring But a little hotter. Swimming pools and the sea tend to be very pleasant and provides relief from the temperature.

Spain has the best climate in Europe and as many Brits have realised that it should not be just enjoyed for 2 weeks a year and with that in mind have taken the plunge and bought a home.
A relaxed lifestyle, a fantastic climate, a lower cost of living are probably the three top reasons why so many are choosing to buy a place in Spain. It is only 2-3 hours flight to the UK with all cheap operators flying from numerous UK airports.

All our MOBILE HOME and PARK HOME sites have been fully approved by the Spanish Authorities

We provide luxury as standard and we offer new MOBILE and PARK homes from all the major manufacturers and we also sell re-sales.

We offer a holiday letting division which could provide you with income whilst you may not be using your home.

A fantastic opportunity is provided within our new rapidly expanding EXCHANGE PROGRAMME which gives our clients the chance to swap their home with others in other parts of the world. So one could visit different areas, different countries with only the cost of a flight.